The artists Donna Lytle, Grégoire Dupond and Theo Angell can be contacted there.

>//: Excuse me?
>//:Who is Lachesis?
{+\:Lachesis? She’s the second of the Greek fates of antiquity.
>//: What does she do?
{+\:She doles out destiny.
>//: You mean like a soothsayer?
{+\:She shines a light on the path.
>//: Who does she talk to?
{+\:The industrialized world.
>//: She sums it up?
{+\:Yup. She tells it like it is.
>//: Where can I hear her speak?
{+\:TAC Art Gallery. May 31 – June 25

Willingdon Beach Trail Logging Machines

click the image to go to the video

Reprojected photospheres of views from within the machines.
The video is projected either through Lachesis or on an adjacent wall.
This version is 2mn for the website.
The original for the show is either a 4k 30mn loop version, or a web based infinite loop.

Lachesis Artists Statement


Nostalgia fuels our history. Our resource story is magnificent in its industrial glory and design fabrication. Objects from the past quake with significance. How do we remember and not mourn? How do we reconcile our past with our future?

In gathering remnants of our magnificent past in metal dumps and industrial graveyards, antique stores and old garages we pare down and succinctly frame our cultural remains. What have we inherited as cultural artifacts? What rests on the surface? As scavengers we consult Lachesis ; an oracle along the way.

Lachesis talks to us of habitual behaviors. Behaviours that point the way, that make our past slightly less nostalgic and slightly more redundant….

Lachesis, from Greek antiquity, determines destiny; the length of the thread of life. Here, Lachesis talks of industrial culture. How long, what choices?
Ring her bells, what incantations?
What combinations? What chorus?
What irony in Sorry? What destiny awaits?

Too Hotglobal warming?
Spare Changedisparity?
Go to Helldogma, judgement?
How Muchmaterialism?
Blue Shoesconsumerism?
Get Drunkdominance, repression?
You Losecompetitive paradigm?
Go Fisharrogance of presumptions against loss of nature?
Main Dishgluttony?
Don’t Crylack of responsibility?
Quick Snooze   sleep deprivation of growth paradigm?