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Global warming? Disparity? Dogma? Materialism? Consumerism? Deception? Competition? Exhaustion? Extraction? Gluttony? Repentance?

Nostalgia fuels our history. Our resource story is magnificent in its industrial glory and design fabrication. Objects from the past quake with significance. How do we remember and not mourn? How do we reconcile our past with our future?

In gathering remnants of our past in metal dumps and industrial graveyards, antique stores and old garages we pare down and succinctly frame our cultural remains. What have we inherited as cultural artifacts? What rests on the surface? As scavengers we consult Lachesis ; an oracle along the way.

Lachesis talks to us of habitual behaviours. Behaviour that points the way, that makes our past seem less nostalgic and more ruthless.